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You can’t sit beside me with that

So. It’s been busy.  Work has been busy.  I have been busy with coaching outside of work. I have been sugar free for 23 days.  It is still difficult.  I still crave sugar.  Like today, my boss was sitting beside … Continue reading

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I guess I should say something

It’s been a while.  A whole week in fact.  So I guess I should say something.  Only I don’t have anything to say.  Well, not really, I have so much to say that I’m not sure what to pick. So … Continue reading

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I was prepared for that … sorta

The Oscars were last night.  I used to watch those award shows all the time but haven’t for years now.  I don’t really keep up with movies at all, so I don’t watch the awards stuff anymore.  Instead I sat … Continue reading

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Even if I’m screaming and crying

So, it’s the first of March.  New moon for a new month.  Time to set goals and all that. Looking back … January was a pretty good month for me.  February, not so much.  I quit taking care of myself, … Continue reading

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This day annoyed me

I had the best of intentions, I really did.  I got up almost on time and was really, really, really going to go to the gym this morning.  Because I actually feel better when I go to the gym. So … Continue reading

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I’m having big time cravings for cheese today.  I’m not sure exactly why.  Maybe because I watched both my kids make themselves mini pizzas and that melty, gooey cheese looked so good.  I just want to melt some cheese in … Continue reading

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