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As I mentioned before, my daughter is struggling this year.  All kinds of things are making it hard for her.  School starts at 8am, and she’s nocturnal, so she’s exhausted all the time.  The friends she’s had since daycare days … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Club

I have some catching up to do.  It’s August 13 and I’ve only done 2 of 31 blogs.  Well 3 now. August Writing Prompt #28.  If you could create your very own version of The Breakfast Club, who would you … Continue reading

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And just like that, the content feeling is gone

So this will be pretty much a rant. This morning, the kids did not get up in time to get to school on time.  So they were late for probably like the 30th day this year.  Being ready for school … Continue reading

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Why not have piggyback fights on the playground?

Last week, my son was reprimanded by the school vice principal for playing with a ball that she thought was a squash ball in the gym during indoor recess.  It wasn’t a squash ball (which she would have known if … Continue reading

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