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Sometimes I just ramble. This is one of those times.

Back after a long absence.  Writing seems to be like exercise for me.  I feel so much better when I do it regularly, and yet somehow missing just one day sets me off into a long hiatus and for some … Continue reading

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I’m not really even sure what that is

I’m going camping tomorrow.  Right now, it is pouring rain.  The sky just opened up.  Also, I’m playing volleyball tonight.  On the beach.  We play rain or shine.  So hoping for things to clear up in the next 85 minutes. … Continue reading

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An hour earlier

I recently read through Kelsey Miller’s Anti-Diet Project series.  An experiment I stand behind 100%.  In this project, Kelsey is mainly focusing on intuitive eating, and figuring out how to make reasonable exercise a part of her daily life in a … Continue reading

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Where sunlight goes to die

My new cube, that’s where.  We moved to a new building last week, and while the building itself is better, my new cube is horrible.  There is no light.  No natural light, no overhead light and the under cabinet lighting … Continue reading

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To be inspired

Haven’t had much to write about lately.  Drawing a blank.  Writer’s block? My daughter is taking a writing course.  Apparently she finished the first chapter of her book today.  Maybe she’ll let me read it she said. I have been … Continue reading

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And just like that, the content feeling is gone

So this will be pretty much a rant. This morning, the kids did not get up in time to get to school on time.  So they were late for probably like the 30th day this year.  Being ready for school … Continue reading

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Life is happening right now

When I was in high school, I knew a girl named Laura.  I wouldn’t say we were friends, but I wouldn’t say we weren’t friends either.  We had mutual friends and often hung out with the same group of people. … Continue reading

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