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Sort head from ass

It’s a brand new year and things are happening.  Launching a new business (go over there and sign up for my newsletter) while still working a full time job, working on feeling good, all the usual.  Hoping the pain in … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Today I have picked August Writing Prompt#16.  Do you ever feel pressured to be perfect and have it all together, even when you don’t?  Let’s hear about it. Umm.  Yes.  And what do you mean “do you ever”?  More like … Continue reading

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Life is happening right now

When I was in high school, I knew a girl named Laura.  I wouldn’t say we were friends, but I wouldn’t say we weren’t friends either.  We had mutual friends and often hung out with the same group of people. … Continue reading

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Dreams be dreams

With a shout out to Jack Johnson.  Because I love him. So I’ve been having strange dreams lately.  The other night, I dreamed that I bought a case of diet coke (I quit drinking diet coke 6 months ago) and … Continue reading

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When I left the gym this morning, there was this glowing orb in the sky that hurt my eyes.  I thought we were being attacked by aliens until I realized it was the sun — forgot what it looked like. … Continue reading

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No compass

I’ve mentioned previously how I have decided to stop trying to lose weight.  While I’d still like to lose weight, I’ve decided to stop actively trying, and focus that energy somewhere else — namely on doing things that make me … Continue reading

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