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I’m not really even sure what that is

I’m going camping tomorrow.  Right now, it is pouring rain.  The sky just opened up.  Also, I’m playing volleyball tonight.  On the beach.  We play rain or shine.  So hoping for things to clear up in the next 85 minutes. … Continue reading

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The Constant

In 43 years, I’ve lived in 16 different houses.  That works out to a new house every 2.7 years of my life.  I tend to make mistakes doing public math, but I did this math over and over again, and … Continue reading

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100 Years

My grandmother passed away this morning.  She didn’t quite make it to 100 years, but the song is still a good one. I love you granny.

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Bad things happen in threes

In my house, you will find Ouija boards, tarot cards, spell books, astrology books, crystals and various other occult and witchcraft related things.  Including a black cat.  Also an orange cat, a grey cat and a fluffy black and white … Continue reading

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Halley’s Comet, grandmothers and boners

A conversation with my kids (12 year old daughter, 11 year old son).  This took place in the car while I was driving them to their karate class.  It’s maybe a 5 minute drive. Son:  Mom, did you know that … Continue reading

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