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Unicorn fibers and the best and worst of humanity

I went to Florida last week.  Took my kids and we stayed with my parents.  In 8 days we went to 5 theme parks (6 if you count Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure as 2 parks), Downtown Disney, and … Continue reading

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We don’t really have proms in Canada.  Or maybe they have them now.  It’s been a long time since I was in high school.  I graduated 26 years ago.  Anyway, we didn’t have a prom but we had grad, which … Continue reading

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Stuff that makes me feel good

I’ve been pretty organized today.  I think I’ll have to be if I’m going to survive the school year.  Got groceries, cleaned the kitchen, made a meal plan for the week, pre-prepped my eggs (every week I hard boil 12 … Continue reading

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I’m not really even sure what that is

I’m going camping tomorrow.  Right now, it is pouring rain.  The sky just opened up.  Also, I’m playing volleyball tonight.  On the beach.  We play rain or shine.  So hoping for things to clear up in the next 85 minutes. … Continue reading

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A photo post. Yay!

Not really.  I hate taking pictures of myself or having pictures taken of me.  I’m trying to get over it.  So I’ll start here. August Writing Prompt #4.  Red lipstick, skinny jeans, tall boots … take a photo and tell … Continue reading

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