So many things

Wow, it’s been a while.  So many things going on in the last few months.  Kids back to school, trying to launch a business, work work work, renovations, Halloween (which is always an event at our house).  Cleaning up after Halloween.  Putting out Christmas stuff.

Avoidance of writing.

Somewhere around mid-November, I start to feel like I want to do ALL THE CRAFTS.  So I spend lots of time on Pinterest looking for stuff I can make, Christmas related or just neat things, preferably that aren’t geared towards toddlers.  I’m somewhat crafty, but I have the propensity not to read instructions very well, and not to be very patient when I do stuff.  And let’s face it, some of those tutorials on the interwebs just aren’t realistic.

I did make over 100 paper flowers for my Day of the Dead party.  The tutorial was good (although it says you need crepe paper, which to me is that crinkly stretchy stuff that comes on rolls and you use it to make streamers for parties.  I used tissue paper.  Bought out the dollar store).  This is a very time consuming process though.  It takes forever to make these flowers.  I ended up making only half of the number I intended because it took so damn long.  Wine helps with this process immensely.  Open a flower, take a sip of wine.  Open another flower, take another sip of wine.  Of course there is a point at which the wine starts interfering with productivity, but by then it’s probably time to stop anyway.


Anyway, for the next little while, I’ll be working on making some stuff, and I’ll be posting about my experiences here.  So those of you who, like me, don’t bother really reading the directions and and are rather impatient can see how some of these things might turn out if you were to attempt them.

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