We don’t really have proms in Canada.  Or maybe they have them now.  It’s been a long time since I was in high school.  I graduated 26 years ago.  Anyway, we didn’t have a prom but we had grad, which I’m guessing is about the same thing.  Except I don’t think we had a prom king and queen.  Although it’s entirely possible and I just don’t remember.

Anyway, the writing prompt is to post a picture of my prom dress.  My mother and I shopped a long time to find me a dress that didn’t cost an absolute fortune, was a bit different and still something I liked.  We ended up at this really funky store downtown where the woman who owned it made all the clothes and had a lot of really crazy things.  One of the dresses I tried on was almost wedding dress like.  It was beautiful.  I seem to remember getting stuck trying to get out of it.

So, I ended up with this pink lace and tulle number you see below.  (Apologies for the low quality picture — it’s a picture of a picture that’s hanging on my wall in one of those collage type frames and I didn’t feel like taking it down.)  It’s pretty crazy, but I loved it at the time.  I’m in front of the fake fireplace at my parents’ house (they don’t live there anymore).  It was an electric fireplace, but not a cool one like you can get today.  It had this plastic-y insert that was made to look like a fire.  There was a light bulb inside and when you turned it on it shone and this drum rotated, giving the illusion of fire.  Well not really, but it was supposed to.   It made a noise that sounded like a bunch of ghosts moaning. We still laugh about that fireplace.  And I’m loving how I’m perfectly positioned to have part of the mirror on the wall coming out of my head.  For the curious, that is an etched glass picture of an elephant with a mountain in the background.  So the top of the elephant’s head and the mountain appear to be growing out of my head.

So that’s my grad dress picture.  I remember it being kind of disappointing evening actually, because the guy I liked didn’t like me back (story of my life) although we were good friends (also story of my life) and he ended up going home with some girl I didn’t like.  After the dance, my friends came back and hung out at my place all night.  No big after grad party for me.  And I thought I was fat.  Which is interesting, because when I look at this picture now I truly don’t think I was fat.

I went again the following year when I was in university but a bunch of my friends hadn’t graduated yet and had a rocking good time though, so it all made up for it.


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