Over 300 channels and there’s nothing on

I have cable.  Where I live, cable is stupidly expensive.  You have to pay small pile of money each month for a cable box, and on top of that, a big pile of money for a bunch of channels that you probably won’t watch.  At least if you’re me.  And you don’t get a whole lot of choice.  I mean, there are lots of channels, but you can’t pick and choose which channels you want.  You can choose packages that include the one channel you want and a bunch of channels you have no interest in whatsoever.

By way of example:

  1. The digital cable box rental is $17.99 a month.  You can buy them, but they cost like $800 and they bring out new ones every couple of years so it tends not to be worth the investment.
  2. Then you need a base package.  The cheapest one of those is $40 a month.  That gives you all the Canadian and US networks and a bunch of sports channels (like TSN) and kids channels and a bunch of crappy music channels.  Not like MTV, just streaming music.  It does not get you HBO or any music channels or specialty channels like HGTV or TLC. I watch zero of these channels.  But I must have them.  I do watch HGTV, Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, History, AMC and the like.  To get those I need to upgrade to the next package, which is $62 a month.  Still no HBO, no movie channels, no premium sports or anything like that.  If I want a few more sports and lifestyle channels, well that’s another package and that will be $75 a month.  So you’re now at just under $100 a month (well, over because there’s 13% tax on that) and you still have no movie channels or anything like that.
  3. If I want to add movies, I need to upgrade to yet another package (around $117 a month + box rental).  Or I can pay an extra $18 a month for a movie “theme pack”.

I hate the cable company.  And there’s no competition. You can get screwed by the cable company or you can get screwed by the satellite/fibre TV company.  Same deal.

Once a year I call and complain about how expensive everything is and they give me a bunch of discounts.

I keep threatening to cancel cable.  My kids watch nothing on TV.  Sometimes they watch Netflix.  My boyfriend and I watch a bunch of documentaries, home renovation stuff and food shows and The Walking Dead.  Oh and I watch Glee.  I don’t cancel cable because I hate making phone calls.  It’s hard enough for me to bring myself to make the once a year complaint call.

So that said, this fall, I’ll be watching The Walking Dead and a bunch of Canadian home renovation shows.  Oh and the History Channel stuff like Pawn Stars and American Restoration and Counting Cars.  I like those ones.  And also Fast & Loud cause Richard Rawlings is funny.  All the shows I like end.  Like House.  And True Blood.

I have fond memories of my TV watching days of the past though.  All those 80s and 90s sitcoms.  Teenage angst dramas.  Stuff like that.

September Writing Prompt #9.  Fall television is back! What are you watching this season?

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