Stuff that makes me feel good

I’ve been pretty organized today.  I think I’ll have to be if I’m going to survive the school year.  Got groceries, cleaned the kitchen, made a meal plan for the week, pre-prepped my eggs (every week I hard boil 12 eggs and pre-cook 8 or so fried eggs with cheese and bacon which can get reheated in the morning for egg sandwiches or whatever) and bacon (cook on foil lined cookie sheet at 400 for about 15 minutes).  Laundry on the go, kids have mostly done their chores.  Just have to get lunches made

Today’s September Writing Prompt is about the beauty equivalent of comfort food — what items make me feel great.  It’s good timing for this one, because the weather is getting cooler — nice warm sunny days, cool nights — and that weather makes me think of comfort.

So a couple of things I really like.  I just bought this sweat shirt and it makes me feel very cozy.  And how awesome is it that the colour is called mystical violet!



I also have a pair of soft grey capri sweats with a drawstring that I really love.  Can’t find a picture of those though.

And every day I wear a necklace with a pendant of a goddess holding a tiger’s eye.  It makes me feel calm.

And my collection of tall boots.  Tall boots make me happy.  One day I’ll take picture of my boots and post them here because they make me happy.  But right now I have to round up kids and get them to take showers and make their lunches.

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