So my kids went back to school and it’s pretty much been a nightmare so far.  I’m sure we’ll all adjust.  My son turned 12 yesterday, so that was pretty cool.  He wasn’t too impressed about having to start school on his birthday.  But he did.

So, now there are September Writing Prompts.  I didn’t do all of the August ones.  But I really like some of the August ones, so I’m going to continue to work through those at the same time as I get through the September ones.

So it’s time to reflect on my three favourite moments from the summer.  Narrowing it down to three might be a bit of a challenge.  Overall, it was a pretty fun summer.  But here are my top three:

  1. Taking my daughter to her first concert — her favourite band — Panic! at the Disco.  It was a bit of an event since we drove to Toronto for it.  Had a really good time though and it brought back so many memories from when I was her age.
  2. Setting off fireworks with my son.  He’s wanted to do this forever, and I’m happy he finally got to do it this summer.
  3. My impromptu mental health day.  After a week’s vacation and a bad night’s sleep, I just couldn’t face going to work.  Like lives would be at risk if I went to work.  So I called in sick, took a nap and then spent the afternoon at the beach reading a book.  It was awesome.  Some ducks even walked right under my chair.  That day, it was super sunny and 30 degrees celcius (86F).  The next day, it started raining and it rained for a week.

There were lots of other great things — weekly volleyball on the beach with awesome beach side burgers from Baja Burger Shack and beautiful sunsets, bike rides where we saw turtles, frogs, geese, deer, fish and herons, great camping trips where the kids caught 834 frogs, riding the tallest roller coaster in Canada in the front row.  I tried to make this a summer where I said yes to more things, and I think I did pretty well.

Here’s one of those sunsets.





This was prompt #6.  What are your three favourite moments from this summer.  Yes, I insist on using the Canadian spelling.

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2 Responses to Summer

  1. Sara says:

    Mental health days are so important.

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