Be good to yourself

There’s a journey song about it.

I had to search for an old version with Steve Perry singing.  Cause while I like that new guy’s voice, I had a hard time watching him when I went to see Journey last year.  He just doesn’t fit with all the old guys in the band.  Anyway, there’s no actual video, so just click on the link to listen to the song and then come back and read while you’re listening.

Okay, so I have chosen August Writing Prompt #6.  Self Care is everything.  Tell me about five things you can do this week to prioritize and treat yourself.

I was going to write about eating cookies and stuff, but it’s late, I’m doing laundry because my son came home from camp and I just don’t have the energy to make jokes.  So for real, five things I could do this week for me.  Not to say that I will do these things this week, but if I were to, they would make a difference in how I feel.

  1. Keep writing, almost every day.  Preferably every day.  Writing has a really profound effect on my mood.
  2. Get some kind of exercise every day.  This one has been hard for me to sort out, because truthfully, the only sort of exercise I really like on an ongoing basis are team sports.  It’s not practical for me to play team sports every day.  And I refuse to submit myself to exercise I hate, because, well, doing stuff I hate doesn’t make me feel better.  I am 43 years old and have been an athlete for 30 of those years, so I have tried many types of exercise.  I think I might like running.  I think I came to hate running because I was always making running about getting faster or going farther or something, which never happened, so I quit.  So maybe what I could do is figure out what other types of exercise, besides team sports, I might like.
  3. Music.  I could get a pair of decent headphones for work and listen to music, because generally speaking, music makes me happy.  Right now I have a crappy pair of cheap headphones supplied on an Air Canada flight and they hurt and/or fall out of my ears and do not make me happy.
  4. Spend time with a girlfriend.  I already have plans to meet a friend for coffee tomorrow and we’re going camping on Friday with a group of friends, so I actually will do this one.  Yay me!
  5. Get enough sleep.  She says as she sits here at 2:03am typing a blog while waiting for the laundry to be done.  And also, probably, use my CPAP machine, even though it really irritates me.

A while ago, I made this list of fun things to do (My boyfriend added one — graveyard searching.  That might be particular to my taste though.) and also gifts I would like to give myself.  I should review those.

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