National best friends day

Apparently today is national best friends day.  Who knew that such a thing even existed.

So today I write about my best friend.  And it’s another photo blog, so yay again!

I’ve known Cindy since we were 15 — in grade 10.  This in and of itself is somewhat of a miracle because we both come from military families and have moved around quite a bit.  While I’ve kept in touch with some of my friends from childhood, for the most part, it’s just through Facebook or the occasional email.  Maybe a Christmas card.

So Cindy was the new girl in school that year in grade 10 and she didn’t like me very much because I was mean to.  Actually, I don’t think I was really mean to her, but I wasn’t nice either.  On purpose.  I guess it was like a hazing thing or something.  One of my first memories of Cindy is when our math teacher (Mr. Mawson his name was, if memory serves) asking her if she had hurt herself over the summer (because she was walking with crutches).  And then my friend Leslie, as mentioned in The Breakfast Club, saying “Jesus, anybody with a brain can see those are permanent crutches.”  Leslie did not deal well with stupidity. Still doesn’t.

So yeah, Cindy walked with crutches and man she got around on those things.  As a result her arms were so strong that she could beat almost any guy in school at arm wrestling.  And we started out not being friends, but then we got to be friends.  Because in our small school on the base, you more or less got to be friends with everybody in your grade, unless they were really, really weird or something.  And even then, you’d probably be friends with them anyway.

After grade 10, I moved.  To a big city.  It sucked big old sweaty dog balls.  Moving at 16 to an unfamiliar city is a really, really bad thing.  Or it was for me.  Also, I got a super short, super bad haircut right at the beginning of the school year, so that just added to the overall level of suckage.  But I joined the basketball and volleyball teams and made a few friends (enter Ken, also from The Breakfast Club) and it was an okay year.  But then, the following summer, Cindy moved to the same city.  And she ended up going to my school!!  And that turned out to be a game changer.  We joined all the school clubs, re-vamped the yearbook.  We went skiing (it’s really a cool thing when you see your best friend who walks on crutches go downhill skiing).  We hiked around all over the city and when her arms got tired of carrying her around someone would give her a piggyback ride.  In university she got a scooter and we used to disassemble in and bring it in pieces on the bus so we could put it back together when we got downtown.

As with any teenage friendship, it had its ups and downs.  And here we are 29 years later. At one point I was her boss. She was the maid of honour at my wedding, and I at hers.  She’s lived with me twice, for various reasons.  We rallied together after she got out of a bad relationship — she bought her first car and first house.  I was there for the birth of her son.  She was there when my marriage ended — she made sure I didn’t hide in the basement for the rest of my life, and that I was safe when I went crazy with the online dating.  And we’re there for each other today.  We don’t see each other as often as we used to but when we do, it’s awesome.

Much love to my BFF.


This is us at her wedding, almost 9 years ago.  I have very few recent pictures of us together.  I’ll have to fix that.

August Writing Prompt #15.  PHOTO POST:  August 15th is National Best Friends Day.  Tell me about yours.

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