A photo post. Yay!

Not really.  I hate taking pictures of myself or having pictures taken of me.  I’m trying to get over it.  So I’ll start here.

August Writing Prompt #4.  Red lipstick, skinny jeans, tall boots … take a photo and tell me about one item you’ve been afraid to rock … until now!

I took this one pretty literally.  Since it was cold here today, it gave me the opportunity to wear skinny jeans (sort of), tall boots and red lipstick.  Well I can wear red lipstick whether it’s cold or not I suppose.

Anyway.  Red lipstick — no problem.  Tall boots — love, love, love.  I own like 5 pairs, especially now that you can get them for wide calves.  I wear them all winter.  In April I start refusing to wear socks until basically October, but after that, it’s tall boots almost all the time.

So clearly, it’s skinny jeans.  The main problem I have with skinny jeans (actually all jeans, all pants, underwear, skirts) is that none of them fit me.  If they make skinny jeans with an elastic waist there’s a small chance I could get some to fit, but even then, probably not.  Because I am really and truly an apple.  Based on my hip measurement, I’d be about a size 12.  Based on my waist, I’m a 24.  So if I get things to fit my waist, they are just huge everywhere else, and if I get them to fit my hips I either can’t get them done up or they roll down or fall down because I have to wear them so low.  I could get stuff altered, but I’d spend my entire clothing budget on alterations.  And so I’d have nothing to alter.  So what I’m wearing in the picture is the closest thing I have to skinny jeans and I think I pulled them up about 832 times today.  I look like Chris Farley when he was the inspirational speaker living in a van down by the river.

Also, if I could get skinny jeans to fit, I think my legs look like frog legs in them.  But the tall boots might take care of that, so I could probably manage.

So, still not rocking the skinny jeans.  Or sadly, any jeans for that matter.  Please excuse my complete and utter lack of selfie taking skills.  I will practice, I promise.


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