The Breakfast Club

I have some catching up to do.  It’s August 13 and I’ve only done 2 of 31 blogs.  Well 3 now.

August Writing Prompt #28.  If you could create your very own version of The Breakfast Club, who would you want in detention with you?

When I read this one, I thought to myself, “Hey, what a coincidence, you just watched The Breakfast Club not too long ago”.  Then I started doing the calendar math and realized that “not too long ago” is actually almost a year ago.  It was the night of my son’s 11th birthday party sleep over.  I think we watched the movie at like 2 in the morning.  There may have been wine involved.  I do know that at 4:30 in the morning some of the boys were up running around throwing lego all over the place.  Up as in they actually never went to bed.  Actually, it was one kid in particular who was up throwing lego around, and he was followed by my son, who was trying to get him to go to bed, and my son’s friend from across the street who had never been to a sleepover and was wide awake and fascinated by the whole scene.  3 other kids were sleeping.  So the lego throwing kid got a yelling at to go to bed, which prompted the first-time-sleepover kid to start crying and call his mom, in spite of my repeated assurances that it wasn’t his fault, which led to me bringing said kid home at 5am, which seems to have been followed by that kid not being allowed at our house anymore.  I’m not exactly sure why as that was never really revealed to me.  Anyway, that was almost a year ago as my son will be turning 12 in a few weeks.  Apparently, at my age, a year seems like a month.  I have a particular problem with calendar math.  One time I counted over and over again, using my fingers and toes and everything because I could not believe that I’d actually been out of high school for over 20 years.  I thought it was 10 and I was somehow counting wrong.  The Breakfast Club is almost 30 years old.  I counted on my fingers.

If I had to be in detention with 4 other people today I would pick:

My boss.  Because he’s angry and funny and says “fuck” a lot.  He’d probably engineer us a way out of there.

My former boss.  Because he is super smart, has an endless number of stories and would entertain us for the whole day.  Also, he probably would have pot and/or wine.

My friend Ken.  Because he would draw pictures of people getting hit with heavy objects and getting eaten by zombies and stuff.  And also make the occasional really awesome sarcastic remark.  Also, he doesn’t drink or anything, so he could drive us all home after detention.

My friend Angie.  Because she and I would get to spend a whole bunch of time talking about how to make the world a better place.

I’d let my friend Patrick be the principal because he’s a teacher I think he’d get a kick out of being allowed to be a dick for a day.

I’m kind of undecided on the janitor but I’m thinking Jason Segel, cause I think he’s pretty cute and you have to admire a guy who isn’t afraid to show his penis in a movie.  Twice.  And he’s an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, which sounds like a pretty good church to me.  Turns out a whole pile of celebrities are ordained ministers for that church.  For example, every member of the Beatles.  So yeah, Jason Segel because that way if anyone wanted to get married while we were in detention, we’d be all set.

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