Where sunlight goes to die

My new cube, that’s where.  We moved to a new building last week, and while the building itself is better, my new cube is horrible.  There is no light.  No natural light, no overhead light and the under cabinet lighting under my bookshelf doesn’t work.  It’s like this particular cube just sucks light into the centre of the earth or something.  This is all the more upsetting because I was supposed to have quite a stellar cube, right by the window.  But then changes had to be made to accommodate another team and I got this piece of crap.  Oh yeah, it’s also right beside the door that everyone has to go in and out of when they need to go to the bathroom, or to get water, or coffee or whatever.  So there’s that too.

Apparently I’ll be able to move to something less dark soon.  So I’m not unpacking.

I am going out to take a walk thought, so I don’t get rickets or whatever it is you get by not having enough exposure to light.

Stay tuned for an update later on my new food epiphany.  I’m calling it the Food Love Project.  I might even use a hashtag.  #foodloveproject.  There, I just did.  Not that I know anything about hashtags.


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