What if I have it backwards?

Sometimes, writing is a great thing.  Actually, most of the time.  Because hot on the heels of my last post, I started thinking about food and the age old question — why eat if you’re not hungry?

The first answer that comes into my mind is “because it tastes good.”  But what if that’s not really true?  Yes, some food is really awesome, but how is anything truly awesome if you’re not hungry enough to enjoy it and you feel gross after you eat it because you weren’t hungry.

So what if I have it backwards?  What if I’m eating too much because the food isn’t good? Because I’m not regularly choosing to eat things that I really love.  And on top of that, most of the time, I’m not focusing on the eating of whatever I’ve chosen (whether truly good or not).  I’m either doing something else, or thinking about something else, and then suddenly the food is gone, and I don’t really know whether it was good or not, and I somehow want more.  And maybe the more that I want is not necessarily food, but the experience.

So what if I do everything I possibly can to make sure that whenever I choose to eat something (for whatever reason, whether I’m hungry or not), I make every possible effort to choose something I really love?  And then I choose to eat it consciously, with full awareness, without distractions?  So that I can really enjoy the experience.  And know if I really like the food.  And know when I’ve had enough.

What if I just tried that?

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