You’re not alone

Yesterday was the birthday of the first boy I ever loved.  It was a long time ago.  Seems like another lifetime really.  He’s a Taurus, the polarity to my Scorpio.  An earth sign, the place where my water sign comes ashore.  We were really young.  Thirteen.  The same age my daughter is now.  But we were so much older.  We listened to music and danced at school dances and did homework.  Well, I did homework.  He copied me.  He played Monopoly with my family on Christmas Eve.  He was always showing up at our door, eating our food, waiting around.  His family left after grade 9.  The military thing, people always leaving, new people always coming.  Some other things were going on then too I think.  He had some trouble.  I spent the summer listening to sad 80s songs.  He sent me letters and mad my father mad by calling me in the middle of the night I was scared he would never call back again but he always did.  He called me until we were 20 or so.  Not all that often after the first year or so, but he always called.

Years later, after I split up with my husband, I tried to find him.  Not sure what I was thinking.  Maybe a “you never know”.  Managed to locate his parents and sent them a letter.  He called me after that.  He had a son at the time, quite a bit older than my oldest kid, and another one on the way with his new girlfriend.

He has three kids now.  Two boys and a little girl.  We’re friends on Facebook.  I don’t think he’s on there very much though.  I wish him happy birthday every year.  He usually sends me message around Christmas.

He made me listen to this song.  But I was goofing around and didn’t really pay attention.  Until later, when he sent me a letter about it.

I guess I’m still in love with the memory, after all these years.

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