Be excellent to each other … and yourself

A few weeks ago I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with my kids.  Part of my desire to expose my kids to all the 80s cheesiness that I possibly can.  Great movie though.  “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”  I still have to say that every time I pass by a Circle K.  Thankfully that’s not often, otherwise people would probably start to wonder about me.  More than they do already.

So anyway, a few days after we watched the movie I went upstairs and saw both my kids in my daughter’s room.  I asked them what they were doing, and my daughter replied, “we’re being excellent to each other.”  That cracked me up.

It’s true though.  We really should be excellent to each other.  And maybe even more importantly, to ourselves.

It was really easy for me the other day to come up with a list of stuff I wanted to do when I realized that life is happening right now.  But what does it mean to be excellent to myself?  Living life right now and doing the things that I think will bring me joy are a start, but not the whole answer, I don’t think.  Slowing down, being quiet, hearing that inner voice and really listening to it.  Staying here.  Being here.  Doing one thing at a time.  Giving myself treats.  When it comes down to it, I don’t know if I know what I really want.  What makes me feel really good.  Because feeling good is the primary intention.  So I guess some experimenting is in order.

Tonight it’s Vietnamese food and volleyball.  I’m pretty sure both of those things will make me happy.

Today my intentions are to really enjoy my food, have fun at volleyball and maybe read a little.  And I would really love to be inspired with some business ideas.  That would be awesome.


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