It’s all about intention

This is the day when my team at work tries to kill me.  We’re going through a rather major transition and since I’m an expert in the framework we’re transitioning to, I am on the hook for making the transition happen.  So this is the day when we plan our work for the next two weeks, and the team tries to kill me by complaining about how this way of working is all stupid and how they want to go back to the old way.  And I bang my head on the table after about three hours of that.  And then I question my sanity because if they object this strenuously, maybe this can’t work and I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Even though I’ve seen it work many, many, many times.

So it seems really bad.  But really, there are only maybe two people out of like 50 who are outright hostile.  They just seem louder than everybody else.  There are a lot of people who are very willing.  And then a bunch of people who are just confused and need some guidance.

So I have to ask myself. What is my intention here?  Because it’s all about intention.

My intention is to show people how this framework can actually make their work lives easier.  I do that by asking the right questions.  Empathizing with the difficulties they may have in making this change.  Showing some examples.  Realizing that not everyone will get on board, and that’s okay.  Looking for and recognizing the small successes along the way.  It’s mostly coaching, a little bit of mentoring.

I know this for sure — I’m happier to come to work and more engaged in my job than I have been in a long time.  That’s a really good thing.

I also know for sure that I don’t want to do this work forever.  And I have a pretty good idea of what I do want to do.  So speaking of intentions … I intend to finish my 25 pro bono coaching hours (I have about 10 more to go) by June 12th.  Then I need to move on to paid coaching to get my certification.  By June 30th, I’d like to have my website up and running so I can announce it on LinkedIn.  That is my desire.  Out there for the universe to know about.

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