Just so balance in the universe is maintained

After that last post, I feel I must also mention some of the positive.

This morning, I received a notification that I had received a recognition award.  We have a system at work where anyone in the company can nominate anyone else for an award.  There are different levels of awards, and you get a certain number of points for each level.  You can use your points to redeem for merchandise, gift cards, and the like.  So one of the people who attended the class I taught last week nominated me for an award.  That made me very happy, as to be honest, I feel like a do a really good job, and I haven’t been recognized before.

And we had a good time at the Black Sabbath concert.  Went out to dinner before and found out that Ozzy had ordered the same sushi platter we did for delivery to the arena.  They sure did put on a good show for a bunch of old guys 🙂 and their drummer was insane!  It rained a lot, but my friend had a big umbrella so we survived and were relatively dry.  It was an interesting mix of old people drinking coffee and really, really drunk old people.  We were more on the coffee drinking side.  And of course, the pot smoke.  Which is a little weird, because people are not allowed to smoke inside any place around here.  In fact, you’re not really supposed to smoke outside in public places, like on the patios at restaurants or at outdoor shows, anymore.  But I guess everyone makes an exception for pot smoke.  So that was fun.  Thinking about finding more concerts to go to this summer.  We’ve got Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Barenaked Ladies, The Killers, Tegan and Sara, and Lady Gaga at Bluesfest this summer.  And apparently Fleetwood Mac in October.  And I’m thinking about taking my daughter to Toronto in august to see her favourite band (Panic! at the Disco).

My son has finished his homework.

I feel better now.

Right now, my desires are to spend a little bit of nice time with my boyfriend, and to feel less tired tomorrow.  Those are my desires for right now.

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