And just like that, the content feeling is gone

So this will be pretty much a rant.

This morning, the kids did not get up in time to get to school on time.  So they were late for probably like the 30th day this year.  Being ready for school on time was part of our agreement to relax the limits on computer time.  And they have broken it twice.

I am dead tired.  Have been all day.

I was late getting home from work, because I am swamped, and have pretty much no time to think about anything other than work, so I told my son to get his own dinner started.  He said okay.  But he did not do it.  I had to tell him again when I got home.  At least my daughter was making hers.

They went to guitar lessons.  On the way home, my daughter was practically in tears because her teacher apparently changed the rules about an assignment that is due tomorrow, and her teacher never listens to their suggestions.  She is mad at her for being a teacher apparently. Because she doesn’t seem like the type of person who should be a teacher, according to my daughter. And school is boring and she loses interest in everything after 3 minutes.

My printer refuses to work properly, so my daughter couldn’t print the changed rules assignment that is due tomorrow.

My son informs me that he has a project that was due today that he didn’t finish.  The teacher has given him until tomorrow to finish it.  But he can’t find it.  A thorough search of his bag reveals the assignment.  Now he is practically in tears because “he doesn’t understand” the assignment.  He has had this assignment for about a month.  He has a teacher, and a tutor, and yet somehow this has to come up with me the night after the assignment is due.  He should actually be in bed now, instead, he is attempting to “understand” the assignment, while pretty much crying about it.

My daughter wants to take my son’s ADHD medication because she has a hard time focusing in class.  I tell her she cannot take someone else’s medication.  Sigh.

I need to get new tires for my van.  Right now I have winter tires on the van, and it is too hot for winter tires.  When I will have time to get winter tires I have absolutely no idea.

It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow.  She will be 13.  She has already had her party with friends, and her present.  I think I will take her and her brother out for dinner and get her a cake.

I’m pretty sure I can hear my son fretting, if not crying, from the dining room table where he is doing his homework.  Oh wait.  He just came in.  Apparently he has figured it out.  Hallelujah.  At this rate he should be done by midnight.

So yeah, just like that, the content feeling from yesterday is gone.  I feel overwhelmed, stressed out, responsible for everything and strapped for time.  I have said only perhaps a few sentences to my boyfriend today which mainly amounted to telling him not to rely on me to plan or make dinner on nights when I have to rush home from work and have to get the kids out to lessons immediately afterwards.  Because he’s always asking me if I’m making food.  I was planning to get groceries tonight, but was just way too tired.  Good thing, I suppose, given the homework crisis.  That means I will somehow have to squeeze groceries in tomorrow night.

I have no idea where the time goes.  I really don’t.

My son is still not finished his homework.  I just want to go to bed.

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