What I did today

Today I went out in public with no makeup, unbrushed hair and teeth, wearing yoga pants, hideous green Crocs and an 8 year old floppy t-shirt.  With no bra.  I may have sunk to a new low.  In my defense, I did not expect to be getting out of the car.  I was picking my daughter up from her writing class when she told me she had to go to the mall to get a present for her friend, whose birthday party had already started.  I guess I wasn’t in my pyjamas, so that’s something.  I will make up for this hideous public display by getting all dressed up for the concert tonight.  That should restore balance in the universe.

I had my first professional haircut in over 2 years yesterday.  The stylist did my hair telling me that it will stay looking good until the concert tonight.  She has clearly never met my hair before.  It is flat on top, feels greasy and tangled.  It will need to be washed.  But that’s okay.  I like the cut.  My hair feels healthy.  I will perhaps straighten it.  And maybe put some of those funky hair chalk colours in it.

I am feeling sort of zen today.  I think.  Actually I’m not really sure what zen means, so I don’t know.  I guess I should look it up.  Yeah, I looked it up.  So I guess I’m not really feeling zen.  But calm.  Content.  Also a little tired so maybe a nap is in order this afternoon.  Or caffeine.  Either would probably do the trick.

So for today, my desires are to have a great time with my friend at dinner and the concert. Oh, and I would also be most grateful to get rid of this heartburn.

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