Say what you believe

Note:  I started writing this 2 weeks ago and then my laptop died in the middle of it because I hadn’t brought a power cord with me.  Thought I’d finish it anyway.

Affirmations are a big thing these days.  Apparently affirmations are the path to a greater life.  I just read this article that offers 35 affirmations that apparently will change your life.   A little excerpt from the article:

“Affirmations do indeed strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.”

Here’s a sample affirmation from the lists of 35:  My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.

I’m a fairly spiritual person.  I do believe in the power of the universe, of creating the life you want and that there are forces at work that we don’t understand.

And yet affirmations are something that have never felt quite right to me.  Every time I’ve tried to affirm something, I’m left with this sense of unease.  Almost sleaziness.  Like I’m lying to myself.  Another affirmation from the list:   I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.  I could say this to myself, but I wouldn’t believe it.  And I’m pretty sure no many how many times I say it to myself, I’m not going to believe it.

Given the popularity of affirmations these days, I figured there must be something wrong with me that I have such a hard time with them.  Like I’m doing it wrong.  Like maybe my affirmation should be “affirmations are helpful to me.”

Then I read this.  And suddenly I understand why affirmations don’t work for me.  Because with most affirmations, I am actually lying to myself, and it turns out I don’t like being lied to.

So for me, instead, I will say what I think is true.  And what I desire.

So.  I feel tired, sometimes overwhelmingly so.  Like I’m walking through chest deep water.  I am having difficulty finding the energy to do things.  I most desire to feel energized and inspired.  And I believe that even though I’m tired that I will be okay.  I believe that even though I’m tired I can do small things to help me feel better.  And I really, really believe that I will be okay.

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