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The food love project

So on the heels of my epiphany the other day about maybe eating too much food because the food isn’t good, rather than the other way around, I decided to embark upon something I’m calling the food love project.  For … Continue reading

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Where sunlight goes to die

My new cube, that’s where.  We moved to a new building last week, and while the building itself is better, my new cube is horrible.  There is no light.  No natural light, no overhead light and the under cabinet lighting … Continue reading

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What if I have it backwards?

Sometimes, writing is a great thing.  Actually, most of the time.  Because hot on the heels of my last post, I started thinking about food and the age old question — why eat if you’re not hungry? The first answer that … Continue reading

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To be inspired

Haven’t had much to write about lately.  Drawing a blank.  Writer’s block? My daughter is taking a writing course.  Apparently she finished the first chapter of her book today.  Maybe she’ll let me read it she said. I have been … Continue reading

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It has occurred to me in the last little while that I am overly concerned with rules.  I think I have been my whole life.  Very worried about breaking rules.  Even rules that have no consequences when broken, or in … Continue reading

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You’re not alone

Yesterday was the birthday of the first boy I ever loved.  It was a long time ago.  Seems like another lifetime really.  He’s a Taurus, the polarity to my Scorpio.  An earth sign, the place where my water sign comes ashore. … Continue reading

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A different life

Going to my ex-husband’s place for dinner tonight.  His partner is cooking a birthday dinner for my daughter.  She hasn’t had a cake yet, so I offered to make a cake for her and bring in over. After I put … Continue reading

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