I was prepared for that … sorta

The Oscars were last night.  I used to watch those award shows all the time but haven’t for years now.  I don’t really keep up with movies at all, so I don’t watch the awards stuff anymore.  Instead I sat around reading the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series while the boyfriend watched Mythbusters.  But I found out this morning while watching TV at the gym (yes I went, day 2 cause I went yesterday too) that Jared Leto won an Oscar apparently, and all have to say is a) has he always been that hot? and b) dude is like just a year younger than me!  So I guess I’ll be checking out Dallas Buyers Club.

As I slipped in there, I went to the gym today.  And yesterday.  I decided to go in the morning before work.  Had a little bit of a setback in the form of being later than I wanted but I went anyway.  The main problem for me with going to the gym in the morning is that I am hungry after going to the gym.  I ate breakfast beforehand, around 7:45 — an egg, 3 slices of back bacon (which I guess is called Canadian bacon outside of Canada) and some sauteed spinach.  Got to the gym around 9ish, after said setback (that being the distraction of the Black Dagger Brotherhood book) and by the time I got to work at 10, I was starving.  I kind of figured I’d be hungry after the gym, so I had prepared for it.  I brought a container of almond milk and already have protein powder at my desk, so I figured I’d make a protein shake when I got to work.  Except that since I was late, I had to run straight into a meeting with our Senior Vice President, who is in town only for the day, and I figured it wouldn’t do to be shaking my mixing container during that meeting and making all kinds of noise.  So I had to wait over an hour to eat.  At which point it was close to lunch time anyway.  I also hadn’t really prepared a lunch, so this morning I just threw a package of turkey, a whole head of lettuce, a tomato and some mayo into my lunch bag.  With a couple of club sodas and an asian pear.  And yesterday I decided to try out a couple of different kinds of gluten free breads, so I put two slices of each kind in my bag, figuring I’d do a comparison.  I had All But Gluten white, and Dempster’s Gluten Zero.  These are the only gluten free breads I’ve tried.  I hear that in general gluten free bread leaves a lot to be desired and needs to be toasted to make it edible.  So I deliberately didn’t toast it.  I made a turkey, tomato, lettuce sandwich and threw some mayo on it.  Each slice is approximately half to two-thirds the size of regular bread, and there are fewer slices in the loaf than regular bread, and they about 100 times the price of regular bread.  Seriously though, they are expensive.  The Dempster’s was $6.99 I think, and the All But Gluten was $4.49 and that was on sale.  They’re kind of a dense, crumbly sort of bread.  I can’t imagine my kids eating it unless it was toasted.  And the All But Gluten has corn starch in it — apparently processed corn is something that many people are sensitive to, so if you’re one of those people, you’ll want to stay away from that brand.  That also makes it not paleo, if that’s important to you.  Well actually, I guess most commercial gluten free bread is not paleo since it all has rice flour as far as I can tell.  My verdict — both the breads were okay, but I might have enjoyed the whole thing better just wrapping everything in the lettuce leaves.  So, I don’t know that I would bother again.  I’m thinking if I really want a sandwich, I’ll just have it on regular bread.  But then I don’t have celiac and I do okay with gluten, so that’s not an option for everybody.

The problem I have right now?  I’m still hungry.  After having those 2 sandwiches.  And 2 cans of club soda.  Like actual stomach growling hungry.  And I’ve waited the requisite half an hour or whatever.  So I guess I’ll have the asian pear now.  I plan to cut it up and eat it off a plate.  I did this yesterday and found it much more enjoyable than just eating it.  I am a princess apparently.  Cut my fruit! Oh, a melon baller works really well for scooping the core of a pear or apple out after you’ve cut it in half.  Makes a perfect little circle of core removal.  You’re welcome for that tip.

Today is day 1 of being sugar free again.  And just so it’s clear, for me, sugar free is, generally speaking, avoiding all food that contain a significant amount of refined sugar.  Like candy, cookies, cake. Maple syrup and honey are okay, in small doses.  I’m also not going to avoid, say, barbecue sauce because it has sugar somewhere in it’s ingredient list.  The sugar free thing hasn’t gotten hard yet, but I expect the first cravings will hit soon.  So I might be back here later on tonight cursing and screaming about wanting sugar.  We shall see.


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1 Response to I was prepared for that … sorta

  1. Sounds like you are doing great! Even if you say you don’t have things organized, you sure do! You had to have those things in your home to be able to just throw the together like that! Good for you for going to the gym! Good luck on sugar free days, I suspect the asian pear might keep you going for a bit. I am taking your idea of the almond milk and protein powder….I like it…very doable anywhere and could be quite filling. Thanks!

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