Feeling good is the primary intention

I’ve been reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.  So far, it’s been a perspective altering read for me.  The premise behind the book is that we have goal setting backwards.  That when we set goals like “lose 50 pounds” we’re really chasing after a feeling that we think achieving the goal will give us.  And if we are clear on how we want to feel, then we will be able to set goals that are a lot more powerful and meaningful.  She repeats many times in the book “feeling good is the primary intention”.  Fits in well with my overall theme for the year.  The message from the book that has had the most impact on me so far is the idea that it’s okay to want more.  Or to want something different than what I already have.  Or to feel whatever I’m feeling right now.  This is huge for me.  I’ve always felt guilty about wanting more, because what I have is pretty good.  Certainly better than most.  So who am I to want more?  But really, who am I not to?

In the spirit of feeling good and having fun, I went to a workshop this weekend on uncovering your hidden talents and the power of choice.  Got up early on a Saturday for the workshop and attended with my best friend.  Then I went to meet another group of friends for scrapbooking.

Sunday, I was feeling kind of sad.  I’m not really sure why.  But, instead of either trying to push the feeling away, or giving into it entirely, I acknowledged it.  I said, “okay, I’m feeling sad.  Thank you sadness, for reminding me what happiness can feel like.”  Then I decided that maybe I should do something nice for myself, so I deep conditioned my hair with coconut oil, and read the first book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  My boyfriend laughed at me for going around all afternoon with a grocery bag on my head (to keep the coconut oil warm) and my granny glasses (because at 43, my eyes have decided that looking at anything up close without glasses is not going to happen).  But he did say my hair felt really good after the conditioning.  And by the time I went to sleep, I felt better.  Finished the book today and am now feeling a little lost because I want to start the second one, but I’m waiting for it to be transferred to the library near my house.  Nothing like a bunch of sexy vampires to leave you wanting more.

In the spirit of continuing to do nice things for myself, I’m going to go fold the clean clothes that have been sitting in my laundry basket for a week so that it’s easier to find something nice to wear in the morning.  And then more Desire Map and maybe some more 90210 on Netflix.

Feeling good is the primary intention.

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