What if you knew there was always going to be enough?

Back in January, Belle wrote an excellent post, more coming every day, about the concept of abundance, and that there is enough of everything for everybody.  In her post, she relates this to drinking — Belle helps people who want to get sober, so if that’s something you want to do, you should totally check her out.  It relates just as well to anything else though.

There are a lot of similarities I think, between excessive drinking and excessive anything else — eating, shopping, gambling, staying up late — whatever your thing is.  The ways to stop the excess might be different, but the reasons why we do what we do are often the same.  And I think that reason often stems from the feeling of there just not being enough.  Enough of what depends on your situation — enough money, enough time, enough food, enough attention, enough praise, enough love.  And because of that, we take more than we’d like too.  We consume excessively. Because what if next time, there isn’t enough?  And even worse, what if we’re not [good, smart, attractive, sexy, …] enough, just as we are?

But what if we were?  What if we knew that we are enough, just as we are? Imperfections, bad habits and all.  And if we knew that, and made a real effort to believe it, even if we weren’t totally convinced, and then stopped trying to fill up that empty space left by not being enough with food or booze or shopping or whatever because we already are enough? What if we filled up that space with something that reflects how we are already enough, and makes us more — with hobbies, friends, great books, music, laughter — fun?  Would we then start seeing how much there is out there?  How there really is enough out there for everyone?

I think so.

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2 Responses to What if you knew there was always going to be enough?

  1. Belle says:

    this idea of scarcity and abundance comes when we’re kids, i think. we sort of growing up believing that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and that you have to work hard to get ahead of others. we’re not really told that we’re enough. imagine if we were 🙂

    • Yes, I think that’s true. In my case, I learned that if I didn’t eat food now, it wouldn’t be there later and I would miss out. So I started eating stuff I wasn’t really hungry for in case I was hungry for it later and it was gone. I’m one of the lucky ones who was never told that I wasn’t enough and yet I still got that idea somewhere along the way. Just starting to realize that it was never true.

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