Dream a little dream of me

Back again with the weird dreams.

First of all, last night I dreamed that I was holding a variety of animals and people hostage in our bathroom and torturing them.  I didn’t actually torture them in the dream, but I knew I was torturing them and trying to hide it from people.  Which begs the question why I was holding them hostage in our ensuite bathroom.  I woke up from that dream very disturbed and it took me a long time to get back to sleep.  I can’t imagine why I’d dream something like that.  I hate to see anyone/anything get hurt.

When I fell back asleep, I had a dream that I was traveling across the US by car with a really hot movie star.  Like not one I can identify, but in my dream I knew he was a movie star.  We started in California and were in Arizona, renting a house from someone.  It was winter but it looked like fall because it was cold for Arizona and all the trees were changing colour.  Which I know doesn’t happen, but hey, it was a dream.  And for some reason, my sister, my kids and sometimes my mother was with us.  And I spent a lot of time looking for a Tim Horton’s, which I imagine is pretty hard to find in Arizona.  That dream was all right though.  The movie star was really hot.

For your musical enjoyment.

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