No yaks were harmed in the writing of this post

I have been doing a great deal of yak shaving today.  More like the second definition of yak shaving than the first.

You see, I’ve decided to take a coaching course.  I have tons of experience in coaching in a business setting, and would like to take that experience into the realm of personal/life coaching.  So I’m taking a course.  As part of taking the course and getting a coaching certification, I need to do coaching.  I need 100 hours of paid coaching for the first level of certification.  Paid coaching usually starts with pro-bono coaching.  So I decided to offer some free coaching to a group of ladies I scrapbook with.

Oh look, a yak.

First of all, I have to mention to my best friend about the coaching (which she enthusiastically signs up for, cause she’s awesome like that).  Then I actually do post a note on the scrapbooking group’s Facebook page offering the coaching.  Then I have to answer questions I see posted on the Facebook page.  Then I see some great posts on The Curvy Girl Guide group, which I of course need to read/comment on/like.  Ladies, you should totally join that group if you haven’t already.  Then I get talking to my best friend (via the wonder of Facebook, the ultimate in yak shaving opportunities) about going to workshops to learn about tapping, and our mystical alter egos (woodland rocker chick fairy for her, badass witchy woman for me)  about coaching and business names and offering coaching in exchange for goods and services (home brew! admin services! office decorating! logo creation!) as a form of payment, and at which point I decide I need to go on to Vistaprint RIGHT NOW to design business cards and postcards for my coaching business.  Then of course I find many lovely pictures that would be suitable.  The most lovely of the pictures involve stars, so now I need to create a business name involving stars, but not in a cheesy way.  This leads to a Google search of business name generators, which are useless, a wikipedia definition of star (interesting enough) and a search for quotes about stars, the results of which I can no longer find because I have about 563 tabs open on my browser.

<Deep breath>.  Now I can’t finish the business cards because I have no business name, and even if I did, I’m not sure whether I can just use a business name, or if I have to register it before using it.  So I decided to write this blog.

None of any of what I did there, other than post the note on the Facebook page about offering coaching services, is really going to help me get coaching clients.  I considered the yak well and truly shaved.  In fact, the yak has also been given a manicure (or I guess a pedicure, as yaks don’t have hands) and a facial.  And maybe a massage.

As a very accomplished yak shaver, I can confidently offer my coaching services to help you avoid the call of the yak.  Because while I can sometimes get caught up in it myself, I’m really good at helping other people see past it.  So, if you’d like to explore coaching (on any subject) with me, which can be done in person, on the phone, via Skype or even through email, click on the Coaching page up at the top of the screen and fire me an email.

Oh, by the way, sometimes yak shaving is just fun.  And since I’m trying to do something fun every day, I’m chalking this one up to having some fun today.  And sometimes yak shaving can end up being productive.  In this case, it has actually helped me get excited and motivated about offering coaching.  So while not totally necessary, it was useful.

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