Recipe tried: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

I decided to try this recipe from PaleOMG.  Because I love cookie dough, and the recipe sounded like a reasonably healthy way to have treat.  Yes, I know that chocolate chips are not sugar free and that coconut sugar is technically also sugar.  But there are very small amounts of both in this recipe.

I didn’t have the type of protein powder she specified in the recipe so I used Visalus.  I also didn’t have that particular type of chocolate chips, so I just used what I had.

When I first assembled the recipe, the dough seemed really, really dry to me, so I added some extra almond milk.  Then I realized I’d forgotten the coconut butter, which seemed like crucial ingredient.  And then of course the dough was way, way too wet, so at that point I said “feck it” and doubled the whole recipe (minus the almond milk caused I’d already doubled that).

So the dough was still quite dry and crumbly but formed into balls well.  My daughter ate one, declared it delicious and ate another one.  And has at least one on reserve for breakfast tomorrow.  I ate two of them also.  I’d say they are a reasonable substitute for cookie dough.  Not very sweet at all.  And I’m sure that the further away I get from sugar, the more I’ll find things like this a really great treat.

I’m thinking that after setting in the fridge, they might be still a little dry/crumbly, so I’d be tempted to add a touch more almond milk or coconut butter to the recipe.  And since my daughter liked them so much, I’m going to have to find an non-nutter butter to use so she can take them to school.

She also liked the crispy chicken dippers I made for dinner.  This paleo thing might actually work on her.

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