Well that’s annoying

I play volleyball.  I like sports, and when I was younger, basketball was my thing, but I can’t seem to run well enough for an actual game of basketball anymore, though the basketball net that I finally put in my driveway last summer makes me happy.  Well, it makes me happy in the summer.  Right now it just kind of annoys me because I’d like to shoot some hoops, but the driveway is covered in ice and any attempt to shoot hoops would result in the ball flying off down the street, or more likely me ending up with a concussion on my super icy driveway.

Anyway, now I play volleyball.  Every Thursday night.  In the summer, volleyball is super awesome because we play at the beach and there’s there great little burger shack on the beach that has awesome burgers, fries and poutine.  And beer and stuff.  So summer volleyball is my favourite.  Winter volleyball is my least favourite because I have to drive to gyms that are generally too hot and stink like teenager sweat, rotten socks and gym shoes.

The winter round of volleyball starts this coming Thursday.  I have just looked at the schedule and am overjoyed (not) to find out that every single one of our games is being played at a gym that is approximately a 25 minute drive from my house.  And about half of the games start at 9:45 pm.  Games go for an hour.  And then I have to drive 25 minutes home.  Assuming it isn’t snowing, or freezing rain, or sleet, or fog, or some other such crap that that asshole Jack Frost and/or that bitch Mother Nature seems to be doling out in abundance this year, which can make the drive up to twice as long.  One thing I’ve learned this past week, by going to bed at a reasonable hour all week, is that I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour on work nights to feel good.  A reasonable hour on work nights for me = before 11.  And on many volleyball nights, I will not be going to bed at a reasonable hour.  Because I won’t be getting home till 11:30.  And then I’ll be hyper from playing volleyball and won’t be able to sleep.  Good thing the next day is Friday and expectations at work will probably be low.

I think this volleyball league is designed for people in their twenties.  You know, people who can stay up all night, and go out to pubs and get wasted and still get up for work the next morning.  I am not that person anymore.  I need to find an old people volleyball league.

With all this bitching about it, you’d think I’d quit.  But I really like volleyball.  Playing makes me feel good.  So I will go, and bitch about it.  And keep my mind on the fact that when the winter season is over, we’ll be signing up for the spring/summer season and be playing at the beach again.  Keep calm and think about the beach.

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One Response to Well that’s annoying

  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the read, totally enjoyed!

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