No compass

I’ve mentioned previously how I have decided to stop trying to lose weight.  While I’d still like to lose weight, I’ve decided to stop actively trying, and focus that energy somewhere else — namely on doing things that make me feel good.  That means I don’t weigh or measure myself anymore, because doing that doesn’t make me feel good.

In an effort to improve how I feel, just before Christmas I had a food sensitivity analysis test done at my naturopath.  I’m not sure how accurate these tests are, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  I’ve been horribly tired and I have a lot of joint pain.

The results indicated a short list of foods that are irritating to my body.  These foods apparently deplete my energy, and it would be best to eliminate them from my diet.  Those foods are:

  • Processed corn (fresh or frozen corn is fine), cow’s milk, ice cream, sucrose, fructose, cola.

It indicated a whole bunch of other foods which are considered neutral for my body.  Neutral meaning they don’t deplete energy, however, they don’t increase it either.  It would be best to limit these foods to no more than 4 times per week.  Here’s my list:

  • Wheat, wheat gluten, wheat bran, wheat germ, barley, barley malt, rye, goat’s milk, cow’s cheese, goat’s cheese, casein, lactose, maple syrup, splenda, banana, grape, cauliflower, coconut sugar, baker’s yeast, MSG, aspartame and saccharin.

My naturopath recommended that I start out with a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free diet (i.e. eliminate everything on the lists above) for a month to see if I feel any differently.  I’ve been doing it for 5 days so far.  Well, 4 days for sugar, because day 1 was a bit of a mess sugar-wise.

Initially, I thought the most difficult thing to give up would be dairy, because I eat cheese on almost everything.  Surprisingly, it hasn’t been much of an issue at all.  I did have a moment of salivation when I saw a guy walk by with 2 pieces of pizza in the cafeteria today, but it passed quickly.  Sugar on the other hand, wow.  I get really, really strong cravings for sugar.  Like I just want to eat brown sugar off a spoon.  Something I’ve done repeatedly in the past.  So far, I’ve been able to work around the sugar cravings with tea with a bit of honey (and drinking tea is new to me — never drank hot beverages before), or some fruit.

The strangest thing of all though, is how I repeatedly find myself thinking that I should be weighing myself to see if this new way of eating is “working”.  Even though I’m not doing it to lose weight.  It’s interesting how so many years of mental programming just take over.  It makes me feel like I’m navigating without a compass.  I have no measurements, no tools.  How will I know if it’s working?  And then I tell myself, I’ll know if it’s work if that feeling of being constantly stuffed up goes away, if some of the pain in my body improves and if I start to feel less tired.  After 5 days, the stuffed up feeling is definitely improving.  My hips and knees feel better but my shoulder does not.  As for being less tired — I’m not sure.  I still find it pretty excruciating to get up in the morning, and I still feel like I could probably fall asleep at any given moment of the day.  But in spite of that, I do feel as though I have more energy somehow.  I have a headache today, but I’m wondering if that’s sugar detox starting.

So I will keep monitoring those things to see what sort of improvements I see.  And if my clothes happen to get bigger along the way, that’s a bonus.

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